written by: Lynette Alchin


The wind is swirling around me, I can hardly see, sand in my mouth, I’m all alone – where am I? Is God out there somewhere?  Does He know how lonely I am? Oh yes, I know now…I’m in a desert!  But that couldn’t be.  I’m a Christian and I love Jesus, my Lord and Saviour.  What has brought me to this place? What am I doing here?

I thought that once I surrendered my life to Christ my future would be easy.  That was my first mistake!

You know, beloved, the Christian walk has many high places.  It’s so easy being full of joy and hope and faith in the “high” times, but how do we cope in the “desert” experiences?

Christ Jesus, in Mark 6:31, said: 
“Come aside by yourselves to a deserted place and rest awhile”. Rest, when I’m all alone? 

“yourselves”: no one can go with you through this desert storm;

“rest”: can one find “rest” in the desert?

“awhile”: not forever!!!!

I found that I had learned a lot while in the midst of my desert storm.  I reflected on those in Scripture who also had experiences in their deserts.

Remember Moses and the burning bush? (Exodus 3:1…) He was in the desert when he had an encounter with God.  Not when he was in the palace with Pharaoh!  It was in this dry, lonely place with only sheep as his companions, that he met God and was commissioned for a mighty work.

“Alright, Lord”, I said, but I’m no Moses.  “Why am I in the desert, alone?” “Look deeper in My Word, My child” said the Lord to me.  Alright Lord………….

How about John the Baptist? See Luke 3:2.  He was commissioned to prepare the Way of the Lord – in the wilderness!

More and more the Lord was showing me that there was much spiritual benefit to be gained by my desert experience.  In this hard and lonely place for 3 years, the Apostle Paul received the greatest revelation of Christ (see Gal.1:17).

Remember our own Precious Lord Jesus, how, after His baptism in the Jordan, He was driven by the Holy Spirit into the wilderness and, after a triumphant victory over Satan who tempted Him body, soul and spirit, He came out in the power of the Holy Spirit and began His ministry.

I’m beginning to see now why I am in a Desert Storm.  The Lord was not isolating me, punishing me or rejecting me, but teaching me that if I surrendered to Him in the hard places He could use me for His glory. It was here that I learned of His enabling through deep valleys, I would know His will for my life, I would get a greater revelation of Him and would serve Him in the Power of His Holy Spirit.  I thank God for my Desert Storm!!

Isa.35:1, 2a: The wilderness and the wasteland shall be glad for them, and the desert shall rejoice and blossom as the rose.  It shall blossom abundantly and rejoice, even with joy and singing.

written by: Lynette Alchin

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