OUT OF CAPTIVITY INTO FREEDOM / Written By: Lynette Alchin


Oh yes! Where was I when I last talked with you? In “My Bed, My Cave”. Did the Lord answer my prayer to take me home? Obviously not since I am talking to you now!!

You know, we have a wonderful, faithful God. He never leaves us nor forsakes us (Heb.13:5b). Seems like He does that sometimes, doesn’t it? He saw me in my self-imposed exile. I thought I was hiding from everybody and everything, including my beloved Master. I should have realized that “you cannot hide from God, His eye is fixed on you” (an old hymn). In the Garden of Eden when God said “Adam, where are you?” (Gen.3:9) did God not know where Adam was? – of course. Remember when Elijah ran from Jezebel in fear, his first hiding place was under a broom tree (1 Kings 19:4). Feeling too exposed, his next hiding place was in a cave (1 Kings 19:9).
It seems to me that when we run from God and His plans for us, we keep running and hide ourselves in deeper and darker places. And yet – and yet, even there our God finds us!!!!! Praise His Name.

“What are you doing in your bed-cave Lynette? Get up, I have work for you to do” “But Lord” I said “I’m old, who wants to hear me? I’ve lost my spark. I’ve lost the Gifts you gave me”. In my hiding from God I had even forgotten that His Word, ever faithful, says in Rom.11:29 “the Gifts and calling of God are irrevocable”.

The Presence of the Lord was so real, so tangible, so awesome – how could I not come out of my cave! Yes, it was with fear and trepidation but I KNEW GOD WAS WITH ME. HALLELUJAH! Amazingly, not too long after, the Lord gave me the honour to teach a course on the Holy Spirit in a traditional church and even speak in 3 services on a Sunday and while on mission speak in a church in Tanzania! FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST, THANK GOD, THANK GOD, I’M FREE AT LAST (words spoken by Martin Luther King). There’s a old hymn which says “out of my bondage, sorrow and shame, Jesus I come”. Oh, how those words apply to me.

At a Conference I attended a couple of years ago I was totally liberated and emboldened when the Speaker prayed over me. A new infilling of the Holy Spirit, boldness and compassion and fervor came upon me and I am ready to heed the call of the Master when I hear His voice.

Beloved, if you are discouraged, feel you have no gifting’s, no place for you, please do not listen to the lies of the enemy of your soul. If God can get me out of my cave, He can get you out of hiding too. He is a faithful and loving Heavenly Father. Bless the Lord Oh my soul and all that is within me bless His Holy Name. May His grace and strength be with you. Amen

Written By: Lynette Alchin

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