It was probably smack in the middle of summer that my Mom taught me 
                   PSALM 86 :17
Show ME…not the Pastor or my prophetic friend….SHOW ME !!!! I want to see it….no interpretation required.
SHOW ME WHAT? A SIGN…A TOKEN some translations say. Actually, truth be told, I’d like to see the WHOLE ENCHILADA….ALL that I’m believing YOU for in my life. But I need SOMETHING to hang on to till then…a token…
OF YOUR FAVOUR!  A confirmation that YOU ARE WITH ME. You are not condemning or disciplining me…you are IN THIS WITH ME & ALL WILL BE WELL.
Let me clarify something for you about a TOKEN FOR GOOD . Often it’s not even CONNECTED to the NEED that has you FIXING YOUR EYES on Jesus with a little more intensity over these days. However it’s something that only HE can do that let’s you know He’s with you & His Favour is all over you.
For us this summer it is a window.Not the WINDOWS OF HEAVEN or God OPENING A WINDOW after shutting a door. It’s just a window. 
John and I are looking to the Lord for His SPECIFIC DIRECTION, and this has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with our front window. It’s just that it has been clouded & streaked and we haven’t been able to see through it for years. The estimate to fix it is $6000.So we laid hands on the window and asked Jesus to heal it as a TOKEN FOR GOOD.THEN we forgot about the window…life is full of IMPORTANT stuff.
Until …on an ordinary day when I was rushing through the living room to grab my car keys …I turned my head to the left…and looked at the beautiful summer day through a CLEAR WINDOW. 
EMMANUEL…GOD WITH US.On your way to SEEING AND TOUCHING the MIRACLE Jesus is leading you into,SEE AND TOUCH HIM just for the JOY of it. I am coming into agreement with you for YOUR “CLEAR WINDOW”…YOUR TOKEN FOR GOOD that will confirm to you that HE ALONE IS GOD ! YOU WILL KNOW THAT ALL IS WELL
           when all you can see 
                is YOUR TOKEN…
                       FOR NOW!


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