A complete makeover you say?  I could do with that.  A new me, a fresh look.

I was thinking about this “makeover business” when my friend mentioned having her master bathroom renovated.  However, what was meant to be a minor job became a major restoration project.  A contractor – a master in his trade – then needed to be consulted.  Plans were made, drop sheets put in place and work was to begin.  Walls were crumbling, tiles broken, rotting wood, corroded pipes.  The deeper the master contractor probed – oh my!  Mildew, fungus, faulty wiring.  How did this happen?  Could it be careless neglect and disregard over the years?

You know, I believe there’s a spiritual lesson here.  The Lord Jesus, by His Holy Spirit, ever faithful, showed me the condition of MY inner self, my rooms.  Were any of them in need of a makeover?  I thought I looked pretty good. Perhaps all that I needed was an occasional touch-up here and there.  But oh!   When the Lord Jesus started His work on me, I discovered how deep He had to go – into my very soul – to repair and revitalize the years of neglect that had taken a disastrous toll on my spiritual relationship with God.  Things such as a lukewarm prayer life, taking time to really worship my Lord God, not just praise and thanksgiving (there’s a vast difference between praise and worship), spending time in the Holy Place waiting until the Shekinah Glory came down.  So corroded with neglect and carelessness were the areas of my heart that once flowed so freely with the Water of Life.

I was shocked when the Holy Spirit brought this to my attention.  I wasn’t so bad, was I?  I thank my God He did not leave me in that state of disrepair but in His mercy He restored me.  I am now, once again, the “temple of the Holy Spirit”. (see 1 Cor.6:19)

Beloved, when the Master is doing the work of restoration in you, it can be quite uncomfortable, revealing, difficult and sometimes hard to understand and you cry out “How long my God, how long is this going to take?” Be comforted, God never starts a project without finishing it.  Praise His Name!

There’s a little chorus we used to sing years ago – hope it encourages you as you allow God to restore the broken areas of your life.  It goes like this:

                        God’s still working on me

                        To make me what I ought to be.

                        It took Him just 6 days to make the earth and stars,

                        The sun and moon and Jupiter and Mars.

                        How loving and patient He must be,

                        For He’s still working on me.

Blessings, Lynette


  1. 2nd verse –
    In the mirror of His Word,
    Reflections that I see,
    Make me wonder why,
    He never gave up on me.
    He loves me as I am,
    And helps me when I pray.
    Remember, He’s the Potter,
    I’m the clay.

    Praise God! He who started a good work in me is Faithful to complete it! Thank You Lord!!! 💕 Sherri

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